Investing in Art and Celebrating its


Our Mission

To promote the importance of including art in public communities, to increase the awareness of its benefits, and to provide support to communities and organizations in acquiring art. 

The Big Dog Show

Coming soon to a city near you...

As part of our commitment to public art the ASF sponsors projects is sponsoring the traveling large scale art exhibition known as The Big  Dog Show. Starting in In 2009, twenty dogs debuted as The Big Dog Show on a six week, six city tour through three states, and since then, they have been exhibited for 22 shows in 11 different states.

ASF Lifetime
Achievement Award


Steven Potts

Steven Potts has been turning wood vessels for nealry 20 years.

Randi Solin

Randi F. Solin first established Solinglass Studio in Mt. Shasta, California in 1995, relocating in 1998 to Brattleboro, Vermont.


New Installations

Select and commission works of art created by professional artists for installation in public spaces.

Community Enhancement

Enhance and beautify the physical environment of public buildings and landscapes.

Celebrate Diversity

Celebrate the multi-cultural and diverse character of the community’s residential and commercial neighborhoods and citizens.


Nurture a sense of citizen ownership and pride in a public art collection.


Create educational opportunities for community members to learn about the benefits of public art.

Cultivate Partnerships

Encourage creative partnerships between artists and residents, neighborhoods, businesses, and community organizations.

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